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A message from Dame Malvina on her retirement

On Wednesday night I performed my last professional concert engagement, singing in the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Auckland with the Pati brothers and the Graduate Choir NZ. It was a very special way to end a very special career.

I have been performing 50 years in opera and concerts and before that 20 years in country music – that’s a long time!

I feel very blessed for the opportunities I have been given from a young age to follow my dream as a professional singer. I have performed with some of the world’s finest singers in some of the world’s grandest concert halls and venues – including Zion Canyon in Arizona, the Pyramids and Outback Australia. I want to leave the profession on a high note.

But I do need to make it clear that I haven’t stopped singing. I will still be performing in a minor way with my students for the University of Waikato, and at Dame Malvina Major Foundation and Ryman Healthcare events. And I will continue to sing with my great-grandchildren!

My focus on develop the next generation of talent remains as strong as ever.


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